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We invite you to stay up to date on the exciting events happening here.

We believe that emails are a crucial and cost-effective way for Friends of Freeman Station, a non-profit organization operating on a very limited budget, to stay in touch with our volunteers and supporters like you.

If you have any questions or would like to contact us, please don’t hesitate to send us an email using the link below.   Please include your contact information and we’ll get back to you.


You may also send snail mail to the following address:
Friends of Freeman Station
3023 New Street
P.O. Box 91536 Roseland Plaza
Burlington, ON
L7R 4L6


for the fiscal year October 2021-October 2022

President                                          ED KEENLEYSIDE
Past President                                 DAVID VOLLICK
Secretary                                       CLAUS WAGNER
Treasurer                                        STAN SENECO
1st Vice-President                           AL NORTON
2nd Vice-President                          TBD
Operations Director                         MELISSA NORTON
Publicity Director                            ALAN HARRINGTON
Fundraising Director                       MARK WALTERS
Facilities Director                           MELISSA NORTON
Membership Director                      BOB LEHTO
Artifacts & Collections Director        DAVE ELLIS
Diorama Director                           DAVID VOLLICK
Education Director                         GREG FERRIN
Personnel Director                         AL NORTON
If you would like to contact any of the Directors please use and in the subject line note the name of the Director you want to contact.

Video by Kevin Davies; photography by Bob Chambers, Bob Miller, Nikki Wesley, John Mellow, Joel Waterman, Denny Williams, Alan Harrington, Al Pettman and others (by permission)